Healthy Housing/Sustainable Housing

More and more buyers are seeking out healthier living styles which includes their home.
There are many green alternatives and renewable materials available today to create sustainable housing for our future generations and family members.

Saving on utilities including water is just the beginning. There are different solar options such as passive solar design and photovoltaic (PV) array along with ground source heating and cooling installations. Making your home a net-zero energy home is the goal, producing as much energy as it consumes.

Positioning your new home build on the lot is crucial to taking advantage of the solar rays in a south facing direction and strategically placed energy efficient windows for solar gain.  Having an airtight envelope, double wall construction with rigid insulation sandwiched between two stud walls and an insulated concrete basement floor and foundation walls will go along way to provide an EnerGuide rating of close to 100 as possible. Also consider energy efficient Energy Star appliances to reduce electrical consumption in the home.

Always use building materials with high recycled content to build with  as well as material that is made from renewable resources.

For more information, check out the following internet sites for Equilibrium Healthy Housing initiatives, grants and rebates.

Happy building!


About John Lamberton-Broker, SRES- Coldwell Banker First Ottawa Realty

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sales
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