Stone Foundations…To Buy New or Old

There are many misconceptions regarding stone foundations on older properties; whether in town or rural. There are many good reasons to consider older homes which undoubtedly will come with a stone foundation. Let’s start with the idea of more bang for your buck. Traditionally, rural and city home with these types of foundations carry a lower market value than that of new or nearly new homes. There is a reason why these homes are still standing today while being 100 to 150 years old. The foundation is usually 2 to 3 feet thick and supported by mortar and cement. If they are well maintained, they are as good today as when they were built. Rural properties are attractive due to their privacy and larger lots. Also, many of these older homes have absolutely beautiful wood accents and flooring created by expert carpenters from days gone by. Higher ceilings were popular in this era as well as grand staircases and exquisite fireplaces. The real drawback to these homes is the cost of a full renovation. It can be moderate to extremely expensive. But on the brighter side, they are being scooped up by baby boomers as they retire and want to move out of the big city. If it is renovated professionally, the return on investment can be very attractive. The next time you are out for a drive in the country, take a closer look at these once majestic homes. it will change the way you look at them.


About John Lamberton-Broker, SRES- Coldwell Banker First Ottawa Realty

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